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Facial exercises are a simple and inexpensive way to keep your youthful appearance. From the age of puberty, most people want to look their best. At a young age, the main concerns may be spots, hair styles and make-up.


After the age of thirty, facial lines and wrinkles can become the new obsession. Many celebrities manage to look young into their forties and fifties, and they may well have had some help in the form of cosmetic surgery, Botox or other expensive cosmetic treatments.


For the average person, paying thousands of pounds on expensive beauty treatments is not an option. Could face exercises be the answer? The cost of a book or DVD to learn how to do the exercises is quite cheap and would not need to be repeated. The only further investment is the time and commitment to repeat the exercises daily. Getting our bodies into shape means regular exercise and a healthy diet, so following a similar routine for the face certainly makes sense.


Eva Fraser is well known for her books and DVDs on facial exercise and has made TV appearances at the age of 80 years. Eva says that she has not had any surgery or cosmetic treatments, and her skin looks amazing. There are others who claim that certain Yoga exercises for the face work wonders.


There is little to lose in giving facial exercises a try. There are even some facial toning devices which can work the facial muscles, and are very good value in comparison to salon treatments. Standing in front of the mirror for a few minutes a day whilst pulling some strange faces could be a better choice than having needles and poisonous substances injected into the face. There is only one way to find out if face exercises can remove wrinkles and firm the skin, and that is to do them consistently for a month and then decide if there has been any improvement.