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 Glycolic Acid
Skin Peels

~ gentle skin peeling product
~ glycolic acid cleansers and toners
~ clear blocked pores
~ improve oily skin
~glycolic acid home peel kits available




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Glycolic Acid for Removing Acne Scars

The use of glycolic acid for the removing of acne scars is carried out through the use of a chemical peel containing glycolic acid. To understand how a chemical peel works, we must first understand the causes of scars and how to prevent them.

Our skin has sebaceous glands which produce oil to moisturize the skin. Bacteria that form on our skin from acne metabolize this oil, and the by-product of this action leaves the skin irritated. As the skin becomes irritated, the tiny hair follicles become clogged and begin to collect debris, such as dirt, oil, and dead skin cells. When this dirt and oil is not cleaned properly, either by the body's own natural defenses, or by general cleansing, it can travel down into deeper tissue causing very severe acne.  Author: Ryan English




What You Need To Know About Glycolic Acid

Glycolic acid has been used for many years as a metal parts cleaner, but in recent years has been refined and made suitable for human application. In its refined or medical grade state it has been found effective as a light to mild strength skin peel acid.

Glycolic is natural and based on sugar cane and is similar to other alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA) like malic acid. There are stronger skin peels like TCA Peel and the Obagi Blue Peel, but the glycolic peel is a good starter and touch up skin care treatment.
David Maillie


Department of Health information on chemical peel treatments,results and risks, supeficial peels, medium peels and deep peels.

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