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Face Lifts without Surgery

Non surgical face lifts are alternatives to facelift surgery. Many treatments are available in local beauty salons.

The choice seems to be endless, anti ageing creams and lotions to reduce face and eye wrinkles, CACI for electronic stimulation of facial muscles, botox injections to remove lines caused by muscle contraction and dermal fillers to replace lost collagen in the face. You can get fuller lips with Restylane injections, which give a younger look by restoring lip definition and removing fine lines around the mouth.


Vitamins, anti oxidants and nutritional supplements can also improve the skin and slow down the ageing process. Facial exercises, chemical skin peels, laser treatments to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, Threadlift face lifts, Thermage facelifts, and even acupuncture can all give a face lift effect. Many people do not want invasive procedures with needles and surgery under a general anaesthetic, so non-surgical face lifts offer a viable and affordable alternative to cosmetic surgery.  

Non Surgical Face Lift Surgery Procedure - What Does Non Invasive Facelift Really Mean
By Dr. Jim Greene 

Many people hear the terms face lift, mini facelift, invasive and non invasive procedures. There are many differences between these which can very easily be explained.


A non invasive procedure is a non surgical one. This means that there will be no scalpel used in the procedure and no stitches. On the other hand you have an invasive or surgical procedure which incisions are made to the skin.

As a cost effective alternative to a standard face lift, a non surgical face lift may be accomplished. These fall under different categories all with the same potential outcomes; a more youthful appearance.


Whether your non surgical facelift is a chemical peel, laser resurfacing or even the use of herbal supplements or various creams, the goal is the same, a more youthful look without the added risks associated with a standard facelift.

Because there is no scalpel used, these none surgical face lifts are generally cheaper and may be done as a stand-alone procedure or with conjunction to a surgical procedure.

There are many choices when you want a non invasive face lift procedure. You can choose to have a Botox injection to help make your skin look younger. If you have just fine lines and wrinkles, you may opt for a chemical peel or even a laser resurfacing procedure.

Any way you look at it, non surgical generally means safer. Safe is always a good way to go.

A surgical procedure has possible complications associated with this. There is also the possibility of the procedure getting botched. Unfortunately since the excess skin is trimmed after a standard face lift, in the event that it is done badly, there is no extra skin available to repair it.

On the other hand, in the event that something goes wrong with a laser resurfacing, you only have to wait for the skin to grow out a bit and the discolorations will more than likely disappear.


As you can see they are much safer, but unfortunately they are never a complete face lift. Botox will wear off and laser resurfacing is only good at making fine lines disappear. If you only have fine lines, you can opt for laser resurfacing over having a mini facelift. If you have sagging and drooping skin then chances are the standard facelift is your only viable option.

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Visit the Department of Health website for information on the face lift (rhytidectomy) procedure to reduce flabby jowls and smooth the jawline, face lift results and risks. The Department of Health has produced a cosmetic surgery information for patients booklet which provides information to help you make an informed decision about whether or not to have cosmetic surgery or non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

To find more information on non surgical face lifts, search for one of these phrases. To find a local clinic offering face lift treatments without surgery, search for "non surgical face lifts" and the name of your town:

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Face Lifts can involve surgery and a long recovery time. There are alternatives to surgical face lifts, and many procedures are available in local beauty salons and clinics.



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