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Laser Hair Removal: Harley Street, London

Harley Street in London is known worldwide as a centre of private medical excellence. Laser hair removal is one of many specialist treatments available at Harley Street clinics.


Laser Hair Removal Harley Street

Advanced Laser Clinic 020 7486 3838 104 Harley Street, London
Anelca Clinic 0207 079 4242  84 Harley Street, London
Sk:n Clinics 0207 317 2294 144 Harley Street, London
The Private Clinic 0207 725 0880  98 Harley Street, London
Visit the Skin Laser Directory for hair laser removal clinics in London and other areas in the UK and abroad.


Hair removal Lasers work by selectively heating dark matter, (melanin), in the area that causes hair growth, (the follicle), while not heating the rest of the skin. Read the wikipedia article "Laser Hair Removal" to learn more about how hair laser treatments work.

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