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Rio Laser Hair Removal System
Read reviews on the Rio Laser Hair Removal System. No more shaving or waxing with Rio Laser Hair Removal System for permanent hair reduction treatments at home.  

Laser hair removal works by sending a laser beam to the hair follicle with enough energy to destroy the root, without it affecting the surrounding area.

There are no chemicals or painful needles. As with all laser based hair removal systems, several treatments are required to completely clear an area of unwanted hair.


Rio Salon Laser Scanning Hair Remover System


Rio Laser Hair Removal System Reviews


Rio Laser Hair Removal System Review by JoJo


Rio Laser Hair Removal Review by RJ Fauvel

I bought the Rio Scanning Laser and was pretty sceptical. But after using it for a few weeks I can honestly say that the areas that I have treated have much less hair and there is much less hair re-growing.

It was a bit scary to use at first. I think it was the idea of a laser that got to me but once I was zapping I found it didn't hurt at all. The manual is excellent and there is a DVD too so it proved really simple to use.

It wasn't quite as instant as I hoped (I probably expected too much) and although it treats 20 hairs at a time this is not that big an area. So you have to stick at it to get results. But when I checked out the prices in the salons it was hundreds of pounds and I was a bit embarrassed about the whole thing. So the Rio laser has given me an alternative at a lot less money.

  One thing I have noticed from the reviews placed so far is that it is obvious that most are not reading the full instructions. My partner bought the machine and yes it does work but the reviewers seem to be expecting results over night!

If you look at the instructions it does clearly state that it can take 7-14 days for it to work on treated areas, also consider the fact that some areas have to be treated up to seven times before it works then it can be a lengthy process, so time is the key, but for all those who do not wish to give it time to work and feel that they do not want to be treating there body for weeks on end then consider this. All the effort and waiting until the hair drops out or stops growing so that you NEVER! have to shave again is surely worth it? or the alternative carry on shaving for the rest of your life or spend a lot of money on salon treatments.


Rio Laser Hair Removal Review Janet Oxford

Having tried this machine and laser hair removal in a salon I can vouch for the fact that it feels the same and works in the same way.

This really is a salon style laser hair remover for the home. But obviously it treats only 20 or so hairs at a time unlike the big salon machines. But I guess the fact that salon machines costs thousands explains this.

So it requires a little patience and like the salon machines you need to treat the same area a few times to get the hairs in the right growth stage. To be fair the instructions are excellent and do explain that laser hair removal isn't a miracle cure.

To conclude. yes... the Rio Scanning laser is excellent and feels just like the salon machines... but don't expect instant miracles. I think this is maybe why the reviews are a bit mixed. Personally I think it's a bargain compared to the salon prices.









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  Hair removal Lasers work by selectively heating dark matter, (melanin), in the area that causes hair growth, (the follicle), while not heating the rest of the skin. Read the wikipedia article "Laser Hair Removal" to learn more about how hair laser treatments work.


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