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Pycnogenol binds to collagen in the skin to maintain skin elasticity a characteristic associated with youth that keeps the skin firm and prevents wrinkles. Pycnogenol also improves microcirculation of the tiny skin capillaries supporting better oxygen and nutrient supply and better hydration as well as protecting against the damage of sunburn and photo ageing. The result fewer wrinkles and smoother skin with a healthy and vibrant glow and tone.

Pycnogenol is also one of the most powerful natural antioxidants ever discovered. Used everyday as a food supplement it fights harmful free radicals in our bodies to defend against damage caused by cell oxidation.

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Dermanova Nourella Delay Tactics with Collagen  Skin nutrition programme to rejuvenate and maintain youthful skin from within. Nourella works wonders on dry, problem, sun-damaged or prematurely ageing skin.

A protein, mineral and vitamin food supplement containing marine extracts, active proteins, silica, Vitamin C and collagen, produced under pharmaceutical control, to promote the natural rejuvenation of the skin.

Nourella penetrates through the outer layer of the skin, into the dermis where skin rejuvenation takes place using a patented Scandinavian technological breakthrough (WAT)* thus allowing actual effect of the active ingredients. Nourella repairs skin damage and the visible signs of ageing from the outside in, by stimualting the renewal process in the skin.

Nourella improves kin thickness 31% and skin elasticity 19% by allowing the maximum absorption of the active ingredients, Vitamin A, Colostrum and Collagen which are proven skin rejuvenators. Nourella protects the skin from breakdown of skin cells and environmental factors thereby increasing the skins ability to fight the future signs of ageing and sun damage.

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